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This is THE one and only plant-based coaching program that teaches you how to live life on the vedge without judgement!

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Do the reasons below sound familiar to you on why you have not allowed yourself to experiment with being plant-based curious?

You are a veg-curious carnivore that thinks they can’t join a plant-based coaching program because you will be judged for not being plant-based and then burned at the stake by snooty comments and sad cow videos until you become plant-based?

You are a beginner vegan who is overwhelmed by all the plant-based ingredients and what the hell it is all for and how to eat it?

You are toe-dipping into eating more plant-based but your back starts to hurt just by the thought of chopping all those damn vegetables all the time?

You are just too darn important to keep eating crap!?

Keep reading to see how we have revolutionized the plant-based coaching industry and found the way to fill the gaps!

Self Curious

Curious about wanting to live a more plant-based lifestyle so you can do good, look good and eat good? 

Week 1 is where we will dive deep into your 'WHY'  Is it for health reasons, animal compassion reasons, a desire to help the environment or a combination?  Knowing your true 'why' will make it easier for you to stay in integrity with what you want to create for your life when external factors can try and shake you. 

Eco & Animal Curious

Are you curious about wanting to make a difference in the world but don't know how?  Many of our clients feel this deep desire to help reduce impact and harm on our planet but feel that their small actions can't make a difference.  We are here to teach you that you absolutely CAN and WILL make a lasting positive impact with seemingly small actions.  Every loving ripple will ripple through someone else and then their loving ripple through the next and we will show you how :)

Food Curious

Are you curious about what all the yelling and screaming is all about with eating more plant-based? What exactly are plant-based foods anyways?  Do I have to go to the depths of the jungle and spend a million dollars finding these damn ingredients?

Week 3 is where we dive in deep about plant-based ingredients, why our bodies thrive on them and their nourishing components.  This is done in a fun way don't worry!  Not a boring finger pointy way :)  This is also where we will answer all those questions like, "Where do you get your protein from? What about soy? What about iron deficiency?"  and more! 

Go Live it!

Curious about how to put all this knowledge into action?  Week 4 is where you will learn how to get out there and start implementing your new plant-based living lifestyle! You will learn how to navigate the grocery store, Sara's Staple Recipes, how to stock your pantry, how to eat out at any restaurant, easy meal prep and more! 

AND Here’s The Best Part…

                      We do this all through our online training and weekly group zoom coaching sessions!


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