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B is for Brown Rice | Brown Rice Plant-Based "Meatballs"


I usually write Fun Facts for Kids and Fun Facts for Grown-ups separately, but not this time.  Researching through the facts of all the health benefits of brown rice, I found that they relate to both kids and grown-ups! 

Fun Facts for Kids & Grown-ups:

Type 2 diabetes used to only be a concern for adults but now has unfortunately become an epidemic in children.  Studies have shown that just by switching out white rice with a whole grain option like brown rice daily, can reduce their risk for developing type 2 diabetes by 60%!  This is because brown rice is a slow releasing sugar which helps stabilize blood sugar levels. 

Did you know that brown rice is in fact white rice??!! Whaaaaaaaat??  White rice is brown rice stripped away from its outer coating and therefor stripped away from almost all nutrients and protein.  This is why you see 'enriched' on the processed white rice labels.  Companies have to add back in synthetic vitamins, minerals and proteins so that white rice actually has a nutrient profile.  This is why brown rice is one of the best kept secrets of having the same antioxidant capacity as the super star the blueberry!  Who wants to just eat the REAL nutrients in brown rice and skip the chemicals and synthetic compounds added back in white rice?  Meeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Brown rice has over 85% your daily value of manganese which helps you utilize fats, this is great news for both kid and grown-ups so your body uses fats for energy rather than storage! 

Brown rice has lots of fiber which helps you feel fuller longer so kids and grown-ups can play 64182718746 games of hide and seek, 938493874932 games of chase me and 77238462934 floor puzzles before needing a snack! You're welcome.  

So before all you grown-ups black out with the thought that now you have to stand over a stove for 90 minutes waiting for brown rice to cook, have no fear! Quick cooking brown rice has been through many third party blind tests and, hooray!, the fast cooking versions have the same nutrient profiles!  Now you can have your healthy whole grains AND have time to play!

Our friends at the Whole Kids Foundation help us out by explaining why to choose brown rice:

Try different types of brown rice to learn what your family likes. In general: long grain is firmer, medium grain is fluffier, short grain is chewier, brown basmati has a nuttier taste, brown jasmine is highly aromatic. Click here for fun infographics!


Make a big pot of brown rice to have on hand for the week and add it to literally any meal!  I personally love starting my day and having a brown rice tofu veggie scramble for breakfast!  Make fun rice balls for the kids and pack in their lunches!  You can be super creative here and mix, mash and roll tons of different ingredients or make a little well and even make an almond butter and non high fructose corn syrup jam ball for extreme high powdered energy!  

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