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Featuring our signature kid friendly cooking show:

Lunch with a Side of Exercise!

Plant-Based Recipes with a Side of Exercise

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How Lunch with a Side of Exercise was created years ago, at first, for kids!!

When I was a nanny I got so tired of the dreaded fight at every meal and the bargaining with the kids if they would just eat their veggies already! I was also very annoyed by the constant fight to get them off their electronics and move! In this hardship, a solution was born! I put on some fun music and brought the kids in the kitchen with me and, together, we chopped, stirred and mixed while I educated them about why each ingredient was healthy for them with my hilarious Fun Facts! Then we started adding in fun exercises between our ingredients and ta-da! Family Fit Kitchen, Lunch with a Side of Exercise was created! Now our signature program of alternating 2 ingredients and 2 exercises until the recipe is complete, is also altering many lives for the better!


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Join our group coaching program that weaves together plant-based nutrition education, delicious recipes, how to be more eco friendly, positive transformational lifestyle habit tips and workbook activities all with a side of exercise!


It's time to nourish your brain, body and Soul!


Plant-Based Nutrition Consulting

Look good from the inside out by learning the medicinal properties and plant-based nutrition from our 'Lunch with a Side of Exercise' signature program. 

Together, we will alternate between 2 ingredients and 2 exercises until the recipe is complete! You really DO have time for it all!

You can transform your life and feel more energized than ever before, establish new healthy eating habits with ease and even reduce or get rid of some Western Meds you might be currently taking!

Transformational Lifestyle Coaching

Feel good by learning about behavioral patterns in yourself and how to shift them to create new positive habits for lasting change.

We provide fun and structured activities and masterminds so you can develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime through our Transformational Life Coaching workbook.

All external change comes from within. 

Eco & Animal Friendly Living

Learn about eco and animal friendly swaps you can easily use at home, work and school!

Rest easy knowing you are doing good for the environment and our beloved animal friends :) 

Let's give the next generations an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful planet!

  • Imagine belonging to a new community of healthy awesome                              humans and access to human touch point coaching!

  • Imagine creating healthy habits that actually last and are fun!

  • Imagine, most importantly, the experiences                                                                      everyone will have that will last a lifetime that                                                                        you do not have to create! 

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What you get:

Lunch with a Side of Exercise LIVE Cooking Classes

Monthly Lunch with a Side of Exercise LIVE Cooking Classes held in Zoom for real human engagement with me and the community of awesome humans!

Learn the Fun Facts for Kids and the Fun Facts for Grown-Ups during the classes! 

“Wine Down Meetings”

Monthly "Wine Down" meetings where we come together for support and solutions on any problems you or your family may be experiencing etc. This is also to celebrate wins you are experiencing at home!

Private Community

A private community to be connected with and share recipes, ideas, struggles, successes, exercises and more! 

Feel connected in a time of disconnect, create new friendships that will last a lifetime and be part of the successful camaraderie. 

Bi-Monthly Workbook Activities

Bi-monthly workbook activities and lessons that follow our 'Healthy Living, not boring' program that we will then discuss and go over together during our monthly meetings. 

VIP Status

Get exclusive bonuses and give aways! 

You will also get exclusive VIP discounts to our retreats, Retreat for Reason :) 


Have Kids?

Want the whole family to benefit from all this awesomeness?!?!  We offer whole family programs and cooking shows!  

A great opportunity for us to allow the kids to feel connected again during this hard time that has shaken their routine and their social lives. 

Most importantly... will get bonding experiences that will last a lifetime.  You cannot put a price on lasting memories and new traditions that will create a lasting healthy lifestyle. 

Now is the time to embrace this opportunity to get healthy and active at home together.

Have we met? 

Hi, I am Sara Broome, or Coach Sara B Fit as most call me.  

I have been working in the health and wellness industry as well as working with children in various forms, for over 20 years. 

Our Healthy Living, Not Boring, Group Coaching Program was created by combining our signature Lunch with a Side of Exercise Cooking Show, along with our Transformational Life Coaching workbook activities to create full circle results. 

I am a certified Plant-Based Nutrition Coach through eCornell University, Certified Holistic Nutrition Certification from the Global College of Natural Medicine Certified CPT, CES, WLS, YSS from NASM, AFAA Primary Group Fitness Certified Instructor, former Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher as well as a Transformational Life Coach


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