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Do the reasons below sound familiar to you on why you have not allowed yourself to experiment with being

Plant-Based Curious?


~ You are a veg-curious carnivore that thinks they can’t join a plant-based coaching program because you will be judged for not being plant-based and then burned at the stake by snooty comments and sad cow videos until you become plant-based?

~ You have tried and failed so many times trying to eat healthier for yourself and your family that you don't believe you can ever get there?

You want to eat healthier  & be more eco friendly because you finally want to make a positive impact on the environment and our beloved animals, but you feel your small actions won't make a difference?

~ You just realized that you and your loved ones are just too damn important to keep eating crap!?

Keep reading to see how we have revolutionized the plant-based coaching industry and found the ways to finally fill the gaps with real human touch point coaching!

Self Curious -

Feel Good!

Curious about wanting to live a more plant-based lifestyle so you can do good, look good and feel good? 

Here we dive deep into your habits, triggers and previous sabotaging patterns and then walk you step by step through strategies to change once and for all!  This phase has the most extensive homework exercises that will leave you feeling incredibly capable of making new transformations with ease! 

Next we will find your 'WHY' behind wanting to make this new positive shift.  

Is it for:

  • health reasons for yourself or for your family
  • improve athletic performance and recovery
  • a desire to help the animals and the environment
  • or a combination of all of the above?  

Determining your motivation behind lifestyle change is key for any new shift in your life to last.  

 Sara's Feel Good street creds:

Transformation Life Coach Certified

Creator of 'Be Your Own Oak' coaching program and curriculum

Food Curious -

Look Good!

Are you curious about what all the yelling and screaming is all about with eating more plant-based? What exactly are plant-based foods anyways?  Do I have to go to the depths of the jungle and spend a million dollars finding these ingredients?

Here we dive in deep about plant-based ingredients, why our bodies thrive on them and their nourishing components.  

This is also where we will answer all those questions like:

  • Where do you get your protein from?
  • What about soy?
  • Are there such things as kid friendly recipes? 
  • How do I get my picky spouse or kid to eat this?
  • What about iron deficiency? 
  • What about B12?
  • How can I eat that many calories to keep up with my workout training?

Sara's Look Good street creds:

eCornell University - Plant-Based Nutrition Certification


Eco Curious -

Do Good!

Are you curious about wanting to make a difference in the World but don't know how? 

Many of our clients feel this deep desire to help reduce impact and harm on our planet but feel that their small actions can't make a difference.  We are here to teach you that you absolutely CAN and WILL make a lasting positive impact with seemingly small actions that lead to big impact! 

For example, did you know that if you were to skip meat and cheese only one day a week with your family, it would be the equivalent of taking your car off the road for five weeks! 

I will show you easy eco and animal friendly products and practices you can use at home, work and school!

Sara's Do Good street creds:

  • Owner of Dimods Children's Books Publishing
  • Author of Blinky Saves the Sea Turtles
  • Founder of Retreat for Reason

Lifestyle Curious

Curious about how to put all this knowledge into action? 

Here you will learn how to get out there and start implementing your new plant-based living lifestyle!

You will learn how:

  • to navigate the grocery store and stock your pantry!
  • fun easy recipes the whole family will enjoy from around the World!
  • how to help our Planet and be VIP for Retreat for Reason!
  • how to eat out at any restaurant without being boring! 
  • finally break through what has been holding you back from your ideal health, your strong mindset and making a difference in the World :) 

Super fun videos make this part engaging and exciting to see that you really DO have the time and the ability to do this however many days a week you choose! 


Eating a plant-based and even a plant-strong diet has been proven to:

~ Lower cholesterol

~ Prevent and reverse Heart Disease

~ Improve your athletic performance and recovery

~ Help you lose weight in a safe and effective way

~ Help you sleep better

~ Increase physical energy and mental clarity

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