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TAG,, you're it Jimmy Fallon!

I started a game called the Kids Fit Kitchen Tag Challenge.  The goal is to complete a new Recipe with a Side of Exercise by tagging celebrities to help complete it!  

Help us go viral friends!!!

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Let's Go!

Sara B a TV Show Host!

One of my favorite times in life was being a Live TV Show Host in Aspen! #readytohostagain

BEST Vegan Brunch Recipe

Want to knock everyone's socks off by making the best damn brunch EVER?! This will WOW even the toughest carnivores and critics! 

Ultimate Smoothie Recipe!

Follow along to see how you can make one of my signature smoothies!  

Plant Based Nutrition Consultation

Have you always wanted to eat healthier but don't know how? Sara B Fit is a certified Plant Based Nutrition Consultant from eCornell! 

THE best Booty toner exercise!

This video teaches you one of my favorite exercises of ALL time!  The "Rocking Horse" to get you those Rockin' Vegan Buns! 

Plant Based Meal Prep

Here's a video of some of my staples for weekly vegan meal prep.  Cheers to a great healthy week! 

Sara B a Presenter at VegFest

I had the honor of the amazing Vegan Bodybuilder Robert Cheeke come show the Kids Fit Kitchen group some strength exercises to get Ve-guns just like him! 

Work It Wednesdays

Join Sara B Fit and the Work It Wednesday Challenges! These can be done at home, at work or in the park! No more excuses of not having time or a gym to work out!

Tag friends to do it with you!

Camping Workout

Next time you go out camping try this awesome camping workout!  Your friends will be impressed and there are even Whiskey bottle tricep kickbacks! 

How to sprout and create a home vegetable garden!

Join Erin Larsen in our Plants People Purpose Weekly Live Recap Show as she teaches us all how to sprout and grow our own veggie gardens at home! Time to grab the whole fam and have some fun! 


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