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About Us

I had planted a creative seed years ago thanks to a dream my mom had.  The seed was planted, but then I neglected to nurture this precious seed and I was unable to reap it’s benefits.  Recently I found that seed again, brushed it off and have carefully planted it in new fresh creative soil.  The seed is now being basked in rays of readiness and watered by powerful intention to bring value into your life.  The life giving light of passion and joy surrounds and warms this seed.  The soil is infusing persistence, potential and purpose deep into the little seeds' core.  This seed is now my inspiration to care for it with all my love and see what blooms.  I share this seed with you and hope you will help it grow.  I share this seed with you to see a new blossom in you and the children in your life.  These children can be nephews, nieces, grandchildren, kids in your community or kids you care for as a teacher, nanny or sitter!  There are repetitive commonalities between these kids and their grown-ups; I don’t have time to eat healthy and exercise, I don’t know how to eat healthy and exercise and even if I did know how, the kids won’t eat healthy or exercise with me anyways!  I am here to tell you that battle can now be won!  SaraBFit will show you how to create a kid approved healthy meal and do fun exercises at the same time!   You truly DO have time for it all!  My goal is to create new bonds and connections in a fun camaraderie style community where kids and grown ups will share their experiences from Kids Fit Kitchen!  Post a video or a photo of you creating your healthy meal, doing the fun exercises anywhere you can find and most importantly, share the laughter and bonding you had together.  Have a favorite recipe you would love to create in a healthier way?  Ask me and we will find a way!  Want to learn certain exercises that will help you and the kids improve their game?  Ask me and we will do them together!  With Kids Fit Kitchen it’s all about food, family and fun!  My little seed and I have big dreams to become a garden, will you be a part of our dream garden?