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F is for Fungi!


This week from the ABC's of Plant-Based Ingredients, we will be learning about mushrooms and have Fun with Fungi! 

Now I understand that the texture of mushrooms is not really fun so we all just have to get past the squishy and slippery texture because it’s worth it!

Kids, and many grown-ups,  will still crinkle their noses at the texture, color and smell of mushrooms.  They are not the most inviting thing to eat.  If there is absolute refusal by kids, and grown ups alike, try hiding mushrooms in things like soups, gravy’s, sauces etc. You can put mushrooms in stalk or water base and puree it first and then add the rest of the ingredients as whole.  Or chop and dice them as small as you possibly can so the squishiness is hidden.  You can also try to puree mushrooms within sauces like mac and cheese, marinara or hummus. 

You want to get Mushrooms in your diet somehow because they are a powerhouse of nutrients, protein, B12 and...

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