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This week from the ABC's of Plant-based Nutrition, we are learning about the tiny but mighty Date! 



Fun challenge for both kids and grown ups:

Who can pronounce this word? - ANTHOCYANIN


If you were one of the smartie pants that pronounced it, do you know what it means?

Anthocyanin pretty much means that dates are anti-everything that tries to hurt your insides!  They are awesome little fighters! POW!


Fun Facts for Kids!

Do you want to be able to run and play allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day?  Dates have tons of potassium, 167mg in each date!  This helps you run and play longer without getting all tired!

Have a fever?  Blending dates in your favorite plant based milk and drinking it can soothe your fever.  Plus the sweetness is an added bonus.  Want another bonus?  If your belly hurts or going potty has become difficult, this will help that as well!

Young children who are teething can strengthen their gums by chewing on the soft dates.


Fun Facts for Grown Ups!

Do you want to feel fuller longer?  About 10 dates have 27% of your daily RDA for fiber!  if you are watching your figure, you might want to enjoy these little guys in moderation since they are filled with lots of sweetness!

Worried about falling down and not getting up?  Dates have tons of calcium and magnesium to keep your bones strong!  This plant based option for calcium is animal friendly which means it is also friendly to your body and does not cause inflammation.

Dates are a great pre and post workout snack!  This goes for the kids as well!  They are easy to digest so they are a great snack during long games, endurance activities or a long day on the ski slopes! Game on friends!


 Did you know you can have your decadent truffles AND eat them too? (insert gasp here) Yes I know it sounds too good to be true and it even gets better!  Not only do you get to indulge in chewy chocolaty truffles, you also get the kids in the kitchen to help AND actually enjoy themselves helping! (insert another gasp here).  Don't black out!  It's true!  Watch the video of my niece and nephew and I making truffles together :)  



This amazing recipe for Yolo's comes from one of my all time favorite cookbooks that I use on a weekly basis!!  The 'Oh She Glows' cookbook is a must have for any kitchen!  Get it easily and quickly here:



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Looking forward to next week where we will be learning all about plant sources of Vitamin E!