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C is for Cacao | Smoothie with Raw Cacao Nibs | Plant-Based Smoothie Recipe


This week we are celebrating one of the highest antioxidant foods on the market that happens to taste amazing like a chocolaty treat!  Yes...healthy ingredients can be so delicious that they taste like a dessert and not like chewing on an old shoe. 

I usually write the Fun Facts separate for kids and grown-ups but this time I thought they worked for both parties! But we all need to put our listening ears on for this one, there are lots of big fancy words!

Fun Facts for Kids and Grownups!

This amazing little treat is one of most antioxidant rich foods on the PLANET making it a true super food!   Tannins (I know where you were going on that one for a minute when I mentioned it is not wine time yet) tannins in this ‘super fruit’ work as an analgesic, anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant, anti-viral and an antiseptic. 

wait......what and the what now?  Alright, alright, who blacked out this time from all the big words?  I almost did trying to say them out loud!  Phew!  Let’s break it all down:

ANALGESIC: (annal-gee-sic):  acts as a natural pain reliever so grown ups can do Kids Fit Kitchen with the kids every single day! Who wants that??!!  Everyone!

ANTI-ALLERGIC: anti.....uh.....allergies....duh 

ANTI-BACTERIAL:  tells all the thousand gross germs you get at school and at the gym to beat it! 

ANTI-OXIDANT: free radicals are super naughty and they like to go bonkers all through-out your body..... but your body calms these guys down by using the antioxidants you eat!  For you grown ups out there, cacao punches those free radicals out to keep you from looking old!  EW!

ANTI-VIRAL:  doesn’t let viral germs get all viral in you!

ANTISEPTIC:  wipes up the yucky things up in your body just like you would wipe up the yucky things off the counter top!

So just stay comfy here with me for a while kids and grown ups, we are not done with cacao yet because it is so awesome! Who here has ever run and played so much that then you got a cramp in your leg?  Grown ups, how ‘bout those paralyzing cramps that force you to jump out of bed and limp around going OW OW OWIE OW?  Yep, that’s what I thought.  So this is why we have not moved on from cacao yet people.  Cacao has an incredibly high amount of magnesium which helps prevent muscle spasms or calm them down if you leap out of bed. Put extra on your oats in the morning, sprinkle some in your date power bites or add a bunch to your smoothie like I do.  HEY!  Want to watch a really fun video?!  Yes of course you do.  Watch the video on my YouTube called 'Ultimate Smoothie Recipe' which is a powerhouse smoothie with cacao nibs that you should drink every damn day! 

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Watch this BONUS VIDEO where I had the honor to go to Costa Rica and be part of a full moon raw cacao ceremony.  I had never seen where the cacao came from and the 3 day process it takes to go from a funky, yet delicious fruit, to a fabulous chocolate leaving you feeling truly exhilarated! 

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Sara B