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A is for Artichokes | Artichoke Tapenade | How to steam an Artichoke

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In this article you will learn Fun Facts for Kids and Fun Facts for Grown Ups about why an Artichoke is good for you, a short 'how to' video on how to eat and artichoke and a yummy recipe for an Artichoke Tapenade.

Enjoy :)


A is for Artichoke

Fun Facts for Grown Ups

  • Are you a grown up who just cannot jump on the kale craze? I hear you, I get bored of chewing before I can even swallow. Crunchy kale dehydrated kale chips however I could eat all day, but I am digressing...sorry.  My point was that if you have not hopped aboard the kale train but are worried you are not getting in the antioxidants those kale crazers are, have no fear!  Artichokes are ranked the highest in antioxidants of the veggie family!


  • Do you some of you grown ups ever accidentally drink too much or eat naughty foods?  Eat an artichoke to hook up your liver!  There are 2 main antioxidants found in artichokes called cynarin and silymarin that reduce and facilitate elimination of toxins left over from these fun and naughty times.


  • Sometimes as we age, fun things like not being regular can start to happen, and by regular I am referring to bowels, not your personality. 1 artichoke contains 2/3 of your daily fiber requirement.  That’s as much as a whole cup of prunes!  Your waistline and adrenal system will thank you for choosing the artichoke over the cup of prunes because the prunes have 66 grams of sugar and the artichoke only has 1.3 grams of sugar!


Fun Facts for Kids

  • Hey kids, the irregular bowel issues that happen to the grown ups can sometimes happen to you. Now you can have fun peeling and eating an artichoke to help you feel better as well.


  • An artichoke has 4 grams of protein which is a lot for a veggie!  On average an artichoke has 65 calories, 15 grams carbohydrates and .5 gram of fat making this a perfect pre-play snack! 


  • Want to do well in school kids?  Of course you do! Let’s do a little brain exercise.  Have a grown up write down 3 words for you that you know how to read.  Then your job is to read them out loud and remember them.  Have the grown up ask you, after about an hour, what those words were.  Did you remember?  If not, don’t feel bad, just start eating more artichoke! Artichokes contain an average of 45mg Omega 3 which is shown to improve reading and increase memory. This is good for you grown ups as well if you find yourself forgetting your keys, names and why you went into the kitchen!


 Enjoy this short video below on how to eat a fresh Artichoke! 

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We used the recipe for Artichoke Tapenade from one of my favorite cookbooks,  


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Download the Artichoke Tapenade Recipe by clicking on the photo below! 

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