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We are here to create conscious connections through the power of food and movement.



Connecting you to yourself and others.

Connecting you to the benefits of food.

Connecting you to the environment & our beloved animals.




Hello friends, I am your coach Sara B Fit and I am honored to have you here :) 

My passion began over 12 years ago when I used to work with children.  I remember the constant dinner fights about getting off the electronics, eat your healthy meal I just prepared for you with love and get off the couch and move your bodies!  Of course "telling" kids to do all this just causes more disconnect between everyone.  So I decided to make them part of the process instead!  I threw on some fun reggae music and brought them into the kitchen to help prepare dinner. .

I taught them where the ingredients came from and connected them to different cultures and traditions from all over the World.  We then started alternating exercises with chopping by doing lunges down the hall, hops on one foot and push-ups right there on the kitchen floor!  They were connecting to moving their bodies and being active without even realizing it and then Kids Fit Kitchen was created!

I will never forget the laughter and joy we shared.  These experiences have left unforgettable memories and have connected me and these children with a very special bond for the rest of our lives.  Now I want to share this with you and the ones you love, so you can create your own special memories and create a connection that will last a lifetime.


Connecting you to your body through fun movement and exercises. 

Connecting you to the ones you love through engaging exercises and workouts. 


Connecting you to healthy food and the WHY behind these delicious plant-based ingredients.

Connecting you back to the source of enjoying real food in your daily life.


Connecting you back to your true self amidst all the distractions and business.

Connecting you back to Mother Nature and her beloved animal inhabitants.

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