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I am Coach Sara B Fit.

I have been plant based, and coaching individuals and groups on how to live a more plant-based lifestyle for over 11 years.

You will learn the 'WHY' behind the magic of living a more plant-based lifestyle with our signature follow along cooking show, Lunch with a Side of Exercise, where we alternate 2 plant-based ingredients and 2 exercises until our recipe is complete!  You really DO have time for it al.  

Please feel free to email me with any specific questions, requests for private coaching or just to say hi  :) 

I want to say hi!

Become a Wellness Warrior

Take control of your life!

Take control of your physical health and maximize your energy by learning the power of food and movement.  You will learn why plant-based foods are good for you and how they fuel your body and workouts. 

Burn serious calories and sculpt your body with our group in home workouts!

Feeling mentally drained by constantly muscling through motivation to create new positive habits?

Learn the tools to hone your habits and become the badass warrior you are meant to be!

Tired of feeling like a jerk about how your actions negatively affect the beloved animals and environment? 

Learn about the best products and practices and become a ripple of lasting positive change for the generations to come. 


Want awesome free videos featuring facts on how plant-based foods fuel your life, in home workouts and products and practices we love to be a better Human on this planet?


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