Hello friends, I am your coach Sara B Fit and I am honored to have you here :) 

I have been plant-based, and coaching individuals and families on how to live a more plant-based lifestyle for over 11 years.
I am here to guide you through your plant-based journey with fun and ease!
You will know the 'WHY' behind the magic of living life on the vedge by learning what these ingredients are and what they do for your body.                                                           
Let your journey begin!
Kids Fit Kitchen was developed after years of working with children and consulting families on healthy eating. At Kids Fit Kitchen, we alternate 2 plant-based ingredients with 2 fun exercises until our recipe is complete! The dream of Kids Fit Kitchen is to be a TV show and teach children and families all over the world how to live an active plant-based lifestyle!
Now a life changing 4 week DIY online course is available to walk you through how to start living a more plant-based lifestyle!
Live group coaching will be available every quarter for you to work with me and the wonderful community of others on the same journey!
Launching in November 2019  :) 

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Please feel free to email me with any specific questions, requests for private coaching or just to say hi  :) 

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