Family Fit Kitchen Experience! 

Featuring 'Recipes with a Side of Exercise!'

 Nothing brings people together like the power of food and movement!

Join our FREE LIVE experience and create memories that will bond you for a lifetime!  

October 19th-23rd, 4:30pm MST LIVE in the Plants. People. Purpose. Facebook Group!

What is 'Nutrition with a Side of Exercise?'

 Find out how we are taking our signature cooking show and turning it into an active nutrition class!  The kids will follow along and alternate between ingredients and learn the Fun Facts for Kids and then follow Coach Sara B Fit as she leads them through the exercises! Watch our cooking show to see how alternating 2 ingredients and 2 exercises for 3-5 rounds will teach your kids nutrition and movement skills that will last a lifetime! 

Exercise meets Enrichment!

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Have we met?

I am Sara Broome, or Coach Sara B Fit as most call me.  

My dream is to build a community with like minded individuals and families to create connections, experiences and life changing education through the power of food and movement. 

You really DO  have time for it all! 

Nutrition with a Side of Exercise

Have fun learning about the benefits of plant-based foods and exercise with our signature program of alternating 2 ingredients and 2 exercises until the lesson is complete! 

I truly believe my superpower is bringing people together through food and movement!

Join our community to see how we can create superpowers of healthy habits with ease and fun for you and your family! 

Coach sara B Street Creds!

I have been working in the health and wellness industry as well as working with children in various forms, for over 20 years.  I am a certified Plant-Based Nutrition Coach through eCornell, Certified CPT, CES, WLS, YSS from NASM, former Waldorf Kindergarten Teacher as well as a Transformational Life Coach. 

I look forward to meeting you :) 

Coach Sara B Fit