... Start treating yourself like you give a damn and establish new in home & outdoor workout routines that are fueled by badass plant based foods so you feel energized and alive?



... Help Mother Nature who is completely exhausted from trying to keep up in replenishing that which we take so selfishly? Stand up to the asshole Humans & jerk corporations that treat our beloved animals in absolute horrific and cruel ways?

... Watch your business, and the economy as whole, thrive again by brining your badassery, your ideas and your collaboration dreams out into the World so we can all create together?


Hell yes I am ready for ALL of this and to become more PURPOSEFUL in all areas of life!

Let's continue with how we help you live your most badassiest life while also helping the Environment and our Beloved Animal friends, shall we?

Come and move yo' body with us!

  • Enough of the damn excuses already. Get up and do at home & outdoor HIIT classes with Coach Sara B Fit!  Increase, and sustain, your energy with High Intensity Interval Training, not more caffeine. 
  • Strength train with us to building lean muscle.  Bodyweight, resistance band and dumbbell exercises you can do anywhere, anytime! We even add in some badass jump roping so don't even think about bitching about this, you, and your lymphatic system, will thank me I promise. 
  • Mobility, posture and alignment training.  Learn how to properly perform each exercise.  Get your ass out of your seated position and learn mobility exercises, stretches and yoga sequences to keep your body feeling young and nimble! 

Why the hell are Plant Based Foods so awesome?

  • Plant powered foods are badasses when it comes to fueling your workouts, decreasing your recovery time in-between workouts and increasing your energy! 
  • They boost your brain power and increase your focus, concentration and memory. Your business will thank you.
  • You can turn your culinary herbs and spices into a medicine cabinet for optimized immunity and wellbeing without having to use all those gross over the counter drugs that make you feel like sh*t.


Purposeful Practices

  • Coach Sara B is full to the brim when it comes to her love for the environment and the animals.  Her cup runneth over to you and others who also feel the tug to make a difference and bring some love to this planet :)  
  • Learn, shop and use the best eco and animal friendly products and practices to become part of the ripple effect of positive change :)
  • Join us on one of our wellness retreats, Retreat for Reason, where you will enjoy a retreat for you but also enjoy a reason outside of you by volunteering with local organizations and animal sanctuaries during the retreat.  It feels so good to give some f*cks back :)
Hell yes I am ready to become more PURPOSEFUL!

What the hell makes us so fun and different to work with when it comes to eating plant based & moving yo' body?

You don't make friends with salad...

But...you DO make friends with badass meals like these below...

Hi!  I'm Coach Sara B :)  Want the bad news or the good news first?


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Good News:  I THRIVE in group teaching and if a small group of you and your friends really want to start a small group with me, I will!


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